#ItsOkTo Not Be Ok.

The world is a weird place. And, with the COVID Pandemic, things have gotten even more strange. 

Daily activities can be more challenging. 
Social distancing can make us feel more alone.
The unknown future is hard to understand.

And that’s Ok.
#ItsOkTo not be Ok. 
You’re not alone. 

#ItsOkTo have anxiety about going back to school.
Just know that there are people here to help you feel OK about not feeling OK.



Help Us Spread the Word

To extend the campaign, OSPF is asking for Ohioans to share the #ItsOkTo video on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help spread awareness. Additionally, OSFP is encouraging kids, teens and adults to participate by creating their own It’s Ok message and posting it to their social channels, tagging OSPF and using the hashtag #ItsOkTo.

The campaign launch coincides with National Suicide Prevention Month (September). During the month of September, OSPF will continue to share "It’s Ok" messages and imagery to spread awareness on mental health and suicide prevention.

Join OSPF By:

• On Facebook, like and share the #ItsOkTo video.
• On Instagram, post the #ItsOkTo video to your Instagram story by clicking the airplane icon and choosing Add post to your story.
• On Twitter,  like & retweet the #ItsOkTo video.



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